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What is a Cyclic Timer?

Automation made using Electrical Circuits

Cyclic Timer is a product that can be used to periodically turn ON and OFF the motor for stipulated time intervals.

What is the ON time mean in Naren Cyclic Timer?

ON time is the time duration for which you want your motor to run. For example,if the ON time is set for 30 minutes, the motor will run for 30 Minutes and turn OFF after that.

What is the OFF time in Naren Cyclic Timer?

OFF time is the time for which the motor will remain OFF before switching ON. In other words, it is the waiting time. For example, if the OFF time is set for 60 Mins, The motor will wait for 60 mins and then enter the ON Cycle.

What is the Maximum ON time and OFF time that can be set on Naren Cyclic Timer?

Naren Cyclic Timer has 2 digit LED display for ON time and 3 digit LED display for OFF time. Hence, In minutes mode, the maximum ON time that can be set is from 01 minute to 99 minutes (1.6 hours). In minutes mode, the maximum OFF time that can be set is from 01 minute to 999 minutes (upto 16 hours).

If your application demands more ON time or OFF time, we have the hours model also. Moreover, the ON time and OFF time can also be individually customised according to the application i.e, ON can can be in Minutes and OFF time can be in Hours. All these are preprogrammed and hence the users should let us know the range they need.

How many times can the user change the timings?

The user can change the set timings how many ever times he would wish to. There is no limit as such.

Will the timings once set change? Should I set the timings for every cycle?

No. Naren Cyclic timers save the set time. Hence, the user need not worry of setting the time after every cycle. The user need to press the settings button only when he wishes to change the existing time.   

Let us assume there is a power cut in between the cycles? What will happen to the set timings then?

Naren Cyclic timers save the running time as well. So, on the occasion of power cuts, the timer continues to operate from where it had previously stopped.

For example, let us assume ON time is set for 30 mins and OFF time is set for 60 mins. The motor has run for 15 mins and then there is a power cut. Whenever the power resumes, the cyclic timer will continue to run for the remaining time (15 mins in this case) and then enter the OFF Cycle.

What if the OFF time is set for a long time interval and there is a power cut when running in OFF cycle for a huge time. When the power resumes, the timer would continue to wait in OFF time, but we will have an immediate requirement for water. How do we make the timer enter the ON cycle in this case?

There is a “Press and release” switch given on the Cyclic timer. Pressing this switch will make the Cyclic Timer to go to the ON cycle from OFF Cycle immediately. However, the set timings will remain the same.

Are Naren Cyclic timers available for all types of motors?

Yes, we have various models of Cyclic Timers available for all Single Phase Submersible motors, 3 Phase Submersible DOL Motors (Single cable), 3 Phase Submersible Star Delta Motors (Double cable) Monoblock motors, Jet Motors and  Openwell Submersible Motors.

Can Naren Cyclic Timers be used with the starter we already have?

Yes, Naren Cyclic Timers are designed in a way that they are available for all types of existing motor starters. You need to let us know the starter you are using and we will suggest you the suitable model for you.

I am using a 2 Phase and 3 Phase converter. Can i get a Cyclic Timer compatible for this?

Yes, we do have a model suitable for the ⅔ starters.

Applications of Cyclic Timer

Cyclic timer can be used in all applications that require motor to be periodically turned ON and OFF. Some of the applications are listed below.

Cyclic Timer for Agriculture
  1. Agriculture: There is a common problem of Dry Run in most of the motors. The motor after turning ON would pump water for some time before it goes dry. People manually check this by monitoring the output and turn OFF the motor when the output decreases. Most of the motors will have a recharge time (depending on the site ground water level) where in if you wait for that time, the groundwater would have recharged. Turning ON the motor after this recharge time will again give us some amount of water after which the motor runs dry again.

So, many people are doing the whole process manually.

Example, turning ON the motor for 20 mins, switching it OFF, Waiting for a time of 3 Hours and again switching ON the motor for 20 mins.

The whole process can be automated by setting ON time for 20 mins and OFF time for 3 hours on Naren Cyclic Timers.

These timings need to be checked by the users according to their site conditions and the settings have to be made.

There are designated labourers only to switch ON and OFF the motors. This can be eliminated. Finding labours now a days is hard and expensive.

Cyclic Timer for Water Supply Boards

 2.   Water Boards /BBMP/ Panchayats:

All the above firms will have people called water mans who are designated turn ON and OFF the motors and valves to different areas. This can be eliminated by installing Cyclic Timers and valves can be adjusted during OFF times.

Cyclic Timer for Water Level Controlling

3. Domestic Motors :

 Various domestic borewells are getting dried now a days. The situation is so worse that in some conditions are motors are able pump water for only 2 mins and getting dried. We can make use of these motors to constantly pump water by setting on time to be 1 min and OFF time to be 1 hour. There are people who are very happy with timers for these applications.

Also, one thing to note for is the water yield in all the motors are relatively high during night when the neighboring borewells are not in use. So, there are people who are making use of this Cyclic timers only during night times. By doing this, the borewells which were once thought to be completely dry are able to pump a decent amount of water to suffice the household needs.

Cyclic Timer for Domestic Motor

4. Domestic applications:

 Cyclic timers if properly used can eliminate the requirement or necessity of Water Level Controllers. Suppose let us assume we turn ON motor twice a day for 20 mins. We can easily set the required time in Cyclic Timers. The solution is simple and installation costs are minimal compared to the water level controllers and zero maintenance. We always have the option of turning OFF the timer when we are out of town and dont need the motor to run in our absence. Water wastage can also be minimized.

Cyclic Timer for Toilet

5. PGs/ Commercial Complexes/ Public Toilets/ Restaurants: These places have people using the water regularly. Installing Cyclic Timers and filling up the overhead tanks periodically will definitely be a better solution rather than switching ON the motors manually or using the water level controllers.

6. Domestic Submersible Motors applications: There are few homes inside the city which have the liberty of  the corporation water and also have a borewell for backup source. Here the main usage of water will be of the corporation and just to keep the borewell motor functioning, they turn ON and OFF the borewell motor once in 3 days or a week. Sometimes, there are possibilities of forgetting to do so in a long run and the motors if left unused for a long time will go bad or come to repair due to silt deposition and so on.

We can install cyclic timers for these borewells and set the OFF time to 3 days or a week  for set time and we need not worry about turning ON the borewell motor at all.

We can also turn ON borewell motor once in a day for a a small time if required. Hence, we can keep all the systems functioning regularly.

Cyclic Timer for Poultry Fogger

7. Poultry Applications: There are foggers installed in most of the poultry farms in order to bring down the room temperature. These foggers have to be regularly turned ON like once in every 10 mins for a duration of 1 minute. Cyclic Timers can be used for these applications.

Cyclic Timer for Hydroponics

8. Hydroponics: These application require constant turning ON and OFF of the motor every 5 mins for a duration of a 10 seconds or so. These applications demand for a timer which can be fulfilled by using Naren Cyclic Timer.

Cyclic Timer for Greenhouse

9. Green House: Green houses require the sprinklers to be turned ON frequently depending on the type of vegetable for which cyclic timer can be used.

Cyclic Timer for Coffee / Tea Plantation
Organic Coffee Farm, Coffee Plantation In Colombia

10. Coffee/Tea Plantations: During the flowering season, and when the rainfall is scanty, there are sprinklers installed to imitate the rainfall and this requires the timers the turn ON the motors periodically where in cyclic Timers can be used.

Where can you buy a Cyclic Timer?

Buy Cyclic Timer Online for Single Phase Motors

Buy Cyclic Timer for 3 Phase Motors

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