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Overload Protection for Motor Pump

Overload and Underload, What are the dangers?

Buying the best motor pump is not enough. You must ensure that it doesn’t get damaged by faulty current input supplies. In order to avoid unexpected breakdowns, costly repairs and losses due to motor downtime, it is important that the motor is fitted with protection devices for smooth operation.

What is Overload?

Overload or Excess Current  is a condition in which the current flowing to a motor exceeds its maximum safe ampere value. To overcome this, Overload relays are required for safe operation of three-phase motors. This device  will trip quickly if a motor current rises dramatically above safe operating limits, or can allow minutes of operation if currents are slightly above limits.

What is Underload?

Underload or Under Current is  a condition in which the current or power consumed by the motor is less than its fixed value. While an underload may not damage  the motor, in most cases  it is still important to disable the motor operating with unintended conditions. As on a long run this might damage the motor.

How to protect your motor from Overload and Underload?

overload protection relay

The best possible option is to install a protection relay , Naren protection relay can prevent damage from a variety of problems. It can help the technician to identify the problem easily with indications from LCD display.


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