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How Technology is Helping Agriculture in 2019

As we all know, Agriculture plays a vital role in our Nation’s Economy. It is the backbone of our country. It is not only a source of food and economy but also generates employment oppurtunities. But, In the recent days , there has been a huge crunch in labor all around India. With more and more people giving up farming and moving into cities.

Now this scarcity in labor has to be fulfilled with the help of electronics. By implementing certain cost effective & practical automation in to the field of Agriculture. We look at the technology that has evolved over the years.


Evolution in electronics have given birth to the most accurate sensors which helps in getting information about Ph Levels ( Electrochemical Sensors ) , Humidity , Barometric Pressure , Rainfall , Soil Moisture and temperature  (Mechanical Sensors) , wind speed, leaf wetness which helps farmers in making precise decision on what crop to grow , when to grow and how to grow Thus, resulting in increased yield and lower rate of loss due to natural imbalance.

Microcontrollers and Control Systems

Modern electronic chipsets & microcontrollers are able to make decisions autonomously to save the time of farmers. Auto Start Units , Pump Controllers , Cyclic Timers ,Water level Monitoring and Smart Irrigation Systems are some of the good examples for farmer’s best techonology friends.

Microprocessors and IOT (Internet Of Things)

Nanotechnology has given rise to very small computing machines with powerful processors revolutionizing the way computers interact & Share information. This new technology is called IOT (Internet Of Things ) which has many application in Agriculture. The combination of hardware ( processors ) and software forms a strong backbone for precision agriculture. Real Time tracking of farming field gives a live feed of whats happening in the field without the farmer actually being there.

The rise of Tech Startups

Apart from all these, Over the past 4-5 Years in India. There has been a huge surge in Agritech Startups in India. Some of the greatest minds of India are getting into this field to solve the Humble Farmer of India.

From Farm to Direct Buyer, Soil & Weather prediction Technologies, iOT Startups, A massive change is happening in this sector. We can expect great things in the coming years as well.

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