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7 Agricultural devices that Indian farmers use.

 The agriculture industry is changing rapidly as an increase in population requires more foods at the same time; to meet this standard with very few labors is very difficult. In different countries, the agriculture industry is much modernized they have driverless tractors, robotic labors, seeding and harvesting machines and many more. But in India, our farmers have comparatively lower equipment than some other countries for agriculture. They do most of their works manually or by tractors and some Agricultural devices.

In early days an Indian farmer had to do everything manually, it was very time consuming and it requires a lot of effort. Now we have many automates techniques that can do many things alone and farmer can do his other work.

In this article, I am going to discuss 7 agricultural devices that our Indian farmers are using for saving water/electricity and of course there time. These electrical equipment are also used in fishing and poultry industries.

Agricultural devices- Auto start unit

Auto Start Unit switches ON the submersible pump automatically on arrival of power supply. This is an automatic starting mechanism designed specifically for the agricultural submersible pump sets. A designated module in our Auto Start Unit senses the incoming 3 Phase power supply for a specific time interval. The Auto Start unit later switches ON the starter of the respective pump thereby eliminating the need to manually turn ON the starter every time on arrival of the 3 Phase power supply.

There are two types of control starters:-

Control starters protect the pumps from dry-run or overload. These are controlled with user-adjustable Overload and Dry Run ranges. Control starters are designed keeping in mind the easy, hassle-free and user-friendly and quick replacement in case of any failures.

  •   Digital-Control Starters:-
Agricultural devices-Digital Control Starters

     Digital control starters are Digitally controlled by the user. These can protect from Dry-run, Overload.

  • Analog-Control Starters:-
Agricultural devices-Analog Control Starter

For both Single Phase and 3 Phase Submersible Pumps, Analog Control Starters are available. Single Phase Analog starters come with the built-in MCB protection. 3 Phase starters come with the built-in Single-Phase Preventor and thermal Overload Relay.

Agricultural devices-Single phase preventor

All the 3 Phase motors operate at their best when the power supply in all the 3 phases are continuous. Failing of any one of the phases is termed as single phasing. During single phasing, the motors draw more current than the rated value which results in the burning of the motor coils. Single Phase Preventer is a product that provides a solution to this problem by sensing the single-phase condition and instantaneously turning off the power supply to the motor thereby protecting the motor from drawing excess current. 3 Phase starters incorporate Single Phase Preventors.

Agricultural devices-Cyclic timer

Cyclic Timer is a product that can be used to periodically turn ON and OFF the motor for stimulated time intervals. This turns ON Motor only when there is 3 Phase Supply. The cyclic timer can be used in all applications that require the motor to be periodically turned ON and OFF. 

Agricultural devices-Water level controller

Water Level Controller automatically turns ON/OFF motor by checking their water level. it turns ON the motor Once the water level gets low.

This is how technology can help you save money by conserving electricity and water overflow while maintaining water availability in your overhead tanks for a comfortable life. 

Agricultural devices-Motor Protection Relays

The Motor Protection Relays protect the motors from single phasing and unbalanced voltage. In the case of no-load running, the relay senses the motor current. If it is less than the specified value then it will trip the motor. We can also connect the temperature probe to the relay, which will monitor the bearing and winding temperature and trip the motor if it exceeds the specified value of temperature.

These are some Agricultural devices that many farmers in India are using . Now they don’t need to wait for power supply for switching ON the motor, auto start Unit does that for them. They don’t need to switch the motor ON and OFF again and Again Cyclic Timer does that.

Indian Farmers’ lives are changing now with automated technologies and these agricultural devices, soon the farmers of India will grow and sell their crops for a good price.

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