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Cut Off Timer Model: Prime (440V)

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User adjustable OFF Time
Time range: 1 to 99 Minutes
Digital 2 digit LED Display
Elapsed time indication
Motor Running Indication
Compatible with all types of 3Phase submersible motor starters
Connector type design

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This product is a timer that will turn OFF your 3 Phase Submersible pump based on the timings adjusted by the user. The OFF time or the running time is the total time after which the motor is supposed to be turned OFF. The time can be adjusted by the user using the keys provided on the device. The elapsed time can also be seen on the display provided.


Connector 1 to R of motor cable
Connector 2 to B of motor cable
Connectors 4(C1) and 5(C2) in series with the OFF/STOP button of your motor starter
Note: Please make sure the connections are tight


The timer is powered ON only when the motor starts as the power supply is derived from the load end of the motor cable. The timer starts to count from 0 and counts up till the set time is arrived at. You can notice the elapsed time by looking at the display. The motor turns OFF and the power supply to the timer is cut after the set time is up.

Technical Specifications:

Minimum operating Voltage 250V
Maximum operating voltage 450V


Adjusting the OFF time:

Press the button on the right hand side to increase the timings
Press the button on the left hand side to decrease the timings
Check the display to arrive at the desired number
Wait for 5 seconds till you see a blink on the display
Your desired time setting is saved
Changing the mode from Seconds to Minutes or vice versa
Power OFF the product using the switch on the right hand side
Press and hold both the increase and decrease buttons
Now Power ON the switch on the right hand side
If the display reads “Sc”, this means you are in the seconds mode
If the display reads “nn”, this means you are in the minutes mode
To change the mode, release both the keys pressed earlier, and press any one button
You will observe the display changing to other mode
After you arrive at the desired mode, wait for 5 seconds
You will then see “PL” on the display
Wait again for 5 seconds till you see “--” on the display
Your desired settings are now saved.


Domestic applications
In conditions where the availability of water is low
In conditions where there is excess water and it is sufficient if the motor is run only for a specific time
Commercial Complexes


This product carries a warranty of 6 months from the date of purchase. Any issues within the warranty period will be attended to free of cost at our works in Bangalore. Post the warranty period, the product will be eligible for the paid service at our works. The invoice copy acts as a warranty card. The shipping of the product for repair will have to be done by the consumer.

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