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Motor OFF Timers are the devices that are used to turn OFF the motor after a specific set time. The OFF time is user programmable. There are different types of motor OFF timers based on the time range required. This product will do the operation of only tuning OFF the motor after it is tuned ON. The OFF time to be set is displayed on the LED display. Motor OFF Timers are available for all different motor types....
Need for this product:
There are many cases where we forget to switch OFF the motor which will lead to excess water overflowing out of the overhead / underground tanks. In many of the cases, we will have an idea as to how long we should allow the motor to run which will not cause the water to overflow and we will need a simple timer to serve the purpose. Naren Motor OFF timers are specifically designed for these type of applications.

Suitable for Monoblock and Openwell Submersible Pumps:

Suitable for Single Phase Submersible Pumps:

Suitable for 3 Phase Submersible Pumps: