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Introducing Smart Connect Mobile Controller for Hassle-Free Motor Control

The Smart Connect Mobile Controller is an innovative device that revolutionizes motor control by enabling users to manage motor operations conveniently through their mobile phones. Designed for both Single Phase and 3 Phase Starters, this versatile controller can be easily attached to existing starters, eliminating the need for complex installations.

In today's labor-intensive landscape, monitoring motor run status has become increasingly challenging. It is essential to know whether the motor is ON or OFF, track the duration of motor operation throughout the day, and ensure continuous water pumping during the motor's active periods. Additionally, verifying the motor's current draw and voltage parameters to maintain optimal performance and confirming the starter's protection against irregularities pose further challenges.

With Naren Smart Connect, all of these concerns are effortlessly addressed. This innovative solution provides real-time information to your mobile phone every time the motor is running, allowing you to monitor and control pump operations hassle-free. By delivering critical data directly to your fingertips, Smart Connect empowers you to make informed decisions and ensures seamless pump functionality.

Moreover, Smart Connect offers comprehensive motor protections and enhanced motor control. It incorporates various operating modes that can be tailored to specific use cases, enabling efficient motor performance and optimal energy usage. By leveraging this advanced controller, you can safeguard your motor against potential damages while optimizing its functionality to meet your specific needs.

Experience the convenience and peace of mind that Smart Connect Mobile Controller brings to motor control. Say goodbye to manual tracking and guesswork, and embrace a new era of intelligent and hassle-free pump management. With Naren Smart Connect, you can effortlessly monitor motor status, receive critical information, and enjoy enhanced motor control, all from the convenience of your mobile phone.

Suitable for 3 Phase Submersible Pumps