Model Mini - Single Phase Preventor

Model : Mini

This is a current sensing Single Phase Preventor that turns OFF the 3 Phase Motor during the loss of supply phase. This product protects the motor against single phasing. It is a mandatory add on to any 3 Phase motor starter.
  • Current Sensing type
  • Available for 5 to 20 HP
  • Economical
  • ABS Body
  • Motor ON Indication
  • Wire passing type design
  • Dry Relay Contacts
  • Compatible with all 3 Phase Starters
  • 5 to 20HP
  • Pass all the load wires inside the holes provided on the product preferable with double loops (this is to sense the current)
  • C1 and C2 in series with the holding Contact of the Contactor
Technical Specifications:
  • 3 Phase 440V Incoming Power Supply
  • Relay Contacts C1 and C2 are Normally Open Dry Contacts
  • Operating Voltage Range: 220 to 450V AC
  • Tripping time: Less than 2 seconds
  • Minimum Holding Current - 4A
  • Suitable for both DOL and Star Delta Starters
  • Weight: 245 Grams
  • Length: 4.5 cms
  • Breadth: 14.5 cms
  • Height: 4 cms
  • Weight: 245 Grams
    Naren Single Phase Preventor Model Mini is used in the majority of 3 Phase motor starters as a mandatory protection mechanism against single phasing. This product protects the motor quickly responds to single phasing by turning OFF the motor starter instantaneously when the single phasing is detected. It is very compact, economical and easy to install.
    This product carries a warranty of 6 months from the date of purchase. Any issues within the warranty period will be attended to free of cost at our works in Bangalore. Post the warranty period, the product will be eligible for the paid service at our works. The invoice copy acts as a warranty card. The shipping of the product for repair will have to be done by the consumer.
    Product Helpline: +919972243774

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