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Cyclic Timers are devices that are used to periodically turn ON and OFF the motor for specific Time intervals. The ON time (running time) and the OFF time (waiting time) can be adjusted by the user using the digital display and keys provided. The motor will run for the set ON time and then it will remain OFF for the set OFF time intervals. The timers also have a built in state saving mechanism and hence if there is a power cut in between, the cyclic timer will save the set timings and the run time. Whenever the power gets back, the timer will resume from what ever time it had previously stopped thus making these timers very effective. The cyclic timers are available for all types of motors and can be attached to the existing motor starters.

Need for this product:
The cyclic times find various applications in agriculture and domestic sector.
1) In conditions where the availability of water in the bore well is low:

There are many conditions where the ground water table is low and the motor once turned ON can pump the water only for a specific time and then it goes dry. However, if the motor is not turned ON for sometime after this, the water table gets recharged and again the bore well motor can be run for some more time. Here, cyclic timers can be used to set the ON time for few minutes lesser than it would take for the pump to go dry and OFF time for the approximate recharge time. By doing this, the available water can be effectively utilized without the danger of motor failing due to dry run.

2) In conditions where there is excess water and it is sufficient if the motor is run only for a specific time:

There are applications where in the water source is very good and one needs to run the motor only for a specific time interval to avoid the excess watering. Cyclic timers come in handy in these applications where the user can set the ON time as the time for which watering should take place and the OFF time to the duration for next day. Hence, one can make sure there will not be excess watering to the crops.

3) Hydroponics

Hydrophonics is a technology of growing the produce only in water. All the necessary nutrients will be supplied on the specific time intervals. This technology will hence need the mandatory use of cyclic timers to control the spraying of nutrients.

4) Misting Systems for Poultry

Poultries will have the fogging systems in place to maintain the necessary room temperature. These foggers are usually turned ON for a short interval every hour during the summers to maintains the necessary room temperature and hence not allowing the temperatures to excess a certain range which will cause damage to the livestock. Cyclic timers are hence attached to the foggers and the timing are fixed as to turn ON the misting to few minutes every hour based on the size of the poultry farm.

5) Commercial Complexes:

The commercial complexes motors can be run for a small time every hour so that the water level in the overhead tank is neither empty nor completely full. The usages of the washrooms will be continuous in these complexes and hence the cyclic timers are an effective mechanism to take care of the water needs.

6) Using Air Conditioners for a specific time intervals:

The air conditioners in the houses and the offices/ showrooms can be made to run for half the time and at the same time maintaining the constant room temperature. By doing this, the electricity consumption can be reduced to a great extent which will impact in the electricity bill. There are many use cases that have benefited through this. Cyclic Timers can be attached to the Air conditioners and can be made to frequently turn ON and OFF to serve this purpose.

7) Horticulture:

The horticultural crops will need misting systems to be incorporated to maintain the humidity. The cyclic timers can be attached to the same and the misting systems can be made to operate based on the specific time intervals so as to maintain the desired humidity.

8) Maintaining the temperature for floral crops during night:

Several floral crops will need the humid conditions to be maintained throughout the night to get better yield. The farmers will have several incandescent bulbs in place to raise the temperature. However, this will require periodic turning ON and OFF the lights based on the requirement. The cyclic timers can be used for this purpose for the lighting load to be periodically turned ON and OFF throughout the nights. The cyclic timers are available for the different lighting loads.

9) To keep the domestic borewell motor in running condition once a while :

There will usually be 2 sources of water for domestic applications. The first one will be the corporation/municipal water and the other one will be the private Borewells. It will be corporation water that will be used regularly and Borewell will be a back up source. In these conditions, it is very important to keep the Borewell motor in running condition at least once every couple of days for a short duration. This can be achieved using the cyclic timers where in you can set the ON time as a small time and OFF time as 48 hours so that Borewell is turned ON and OFF once every 2 days.

10) Domestic motor pumps:

In many of the domestic applications, there will be a pattern of water usage. The motor can be turned ON only for a specific time interval there by making sure the water is not over utilized and at the same time limiting the usage. This will come in handy for the rented houses where in the land lord would want to limit the water usage for every house. Cyclic timers can hence be used for these applications.

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