Naren - Cyclic Timer for Single Phase Pumps

Model: Cyclic Timer for Single Phase Monoblock/Jet Pumps

This product is a timer that will periodically turn ON and OFF your Single Phase Monoblock pump based on the timings adjusted by the user. The ON time or the running time is the total time for which the motor is supposed to turn ON in a cycle. The OFF time or the waiting time is the total time for which the motor should wait. The OFF time is also the recharge time if the water level in the borewell is low. The task of the cyclic timer is to turn ON the motor for the set ON duration and keep the motor in the OFF state for the set OFF time. After the set OFF time is up, the motor will again be switched to the ON cycle and so on.
  • User adjustable ON Time and OFF Time
  • ON time range: 1 to 999 Minutes (MM:SS Model)/ 1 to 999 Hours (HH:MM Model)
  • OFF time range: 1 to 999 Minutes (MM:SS Model)/ 1 to 999 Hours (HH:MM Model)
  • User adjustable Power ON Delay
  • OFF to ON jump switch
  • Digital 5 digit LED Display
  • Elapsed time indication
  • Motor Running Indication
  • Compatible with all types of Single Phase monoblock motors
  • Wire type design
  • Used in hydroponics, openwell submersible pumps, monoblock and jet pumps
  • Suitable for all Single Phase monoblock motors upto 2 HP
  • Connect the first set of Red and Black wires to incoming Single Phase (220V AC) power supply
  • Connect the second set of Red and Black wires to motor cables/ to your motor starter (MCB type)
    The timer display powers up as soon as the power supply is ON. The timer displays the set ON time and OFF time for 5 seconds during power ON. The ON time is displayed in green and the OFF time is displayed in red. The timer will resume its operation from where it had previously stopped. The blinking of the LED determines the current cycle the timer is in. The numbers against the blinking digit indicate the elapsed time. For the whole time, the timer is in a particular cycle, the other cycle will display the set time. The timer hence shuffles between the ON and OFF cycles one after the other.
Technical Specifications:
  • Minimum operating Voltage 150V
  • Maximum operating voltage 250V
    Setting ON time:
  • Press the button on the right hand side
  • You will notice the numbers increasing
  • Keep pressing if you want to increase the ON time
  • If you want to decrease the ON time, release the button on the right and immediately press the button on the left
  • Arrive at the required time
  • Wait for the blink of all the digits for saving the set times
    Setting OFF time:
  • Switch OFF the timer
  • Press and hold both the buttons
  • Turn ON the power supply
  • Release the buttons as soon as you see Cycle
  • Press any key till you see POD
  • Now set the desired power ON delay. POD will be in MMM:SS format.
  • After arriving at the desired number, wait till you see “END”
  • You can power OFF the timer and turn it back ON to verify the POD.
  • In conditions where the availability of water in the bore well is low
  • In conditions where there is excess water and it is sufficient if the motor is run only for a specific time
  • Hydroponics
  • Commercial Complexe
  • Horticulture
    This product carries a warranty of 6 months from the date of purchase. Any issues within the warranty period will be attended to free of cost at our works in Bangalore. Post the warranty period, the product will be eligible for the paid service at our works. The invoice copy acts as a warranty card. The shipping of the product for repair will have to be done by the consumer.
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